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Configure Your Widget

By Harun Sheikhali

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Happy New Year!

By David Bistolas

2018 Was an exciting year for us here at Igloo. (My personal highlight was joining the team 😀 in September). What’s in store for 2019?

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Êtes-vous international?

By David Bistolas – 1 Comment

Detecting the site language for your widget. We'll take a quick look at how to build your widget with international language support.

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You can get there from here!

By David Bistolas

Building something useful using an Integration Widget. Dive into Igloo Widget Development by building something useful.

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Sign-Up and Register for the Igloo Developer Program!

By Matthew Seabrook

Sign-Up to receive an API key/password and an Igloo-provided Azure instance to build your own widgets...

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  • Êtes-vous internatio…
    David Bistolas says:
    Disclaimer: I don't really speak all of those languages. Liberal use of Google Translate was employed.
    2 months ago

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