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QuestionEmbed an iFrame report from another application

Brian Taylor  -  1 Reply  -  3 days ago Product Questions

QuestionCan you pin an article in a feed?

Andrew Jayne  -  2 Replies  -  4 days ago Product Questions

DiscussionWhat's your archiving strategy?

Lauren Baxter  -  4 Replies  -  4 days ago Community Discussions

DiscussionLive action Igloo displays

Stephanie Rees  -  34 Replies  -  4 days ago Community Discussions

IdeaWarm and fuzzy post about the Customer Care Center!

Jocelyn Flint  -  1 Reply  -  4 days ago Site Feedback

DiscussionGreat Read: Analytics and Engagement

Diana May  -  0 Replies  -  4 days ago Community Discussions

DiscussionHow have you celebrated the anniversary of your Digital Workplace?

Doina Plesoianu  -  10 Replies  -  6 days ago Community Discussions

QuestionTracking Members Activity

Malcolm Cray  -  6 Replies  -  6 days ago Community Discussions

DiscussionAre You A Digital Workplace Manager?

Diana May  -  18 Replies  -  6 days ago Community Discussions

QuestionFillable Forms

Matthew Clements  -  5 Replies  -  7 days ago Product Questions

DiscussionCongratulations to Heifer International on your The CR Connect Award!

Andrea Gumz-Dietrich  -  11 Replies  -  10 days ago Community Discussions

DiscussionAnaplan and Igloo - Cornerstone of Culture

Diana May  -  6 Replies  -  11 days ago Community Discussions

DiscussionDisplay Image in HTML widget from Box

Brian Taylor  -  1 Reply  -  11 days ago Developer Questions

DiscussionIgloo Community Events

Diana May  -  0 Replies  -  13 days ago Community Discussions

DiscussionNaming your digital workplace

Diana May  -  14 Replies  -  2 weeks ago Community Discussions

QuestionDisabling Document Preview?

Jason Niemoth  -  4 Replies  -  2 weeks ago Product Questions

QuestionHas anyone worked with iFrameResizer for Variable Height Widgets?

Luis Benavides  -  2 Replies  -  2 weeks ago Developer Questions

QuestionCan I disable commenting functionality on a microblog?

James Gurling  -  6 Replies  -  2 weeks ago Product Questions

QuestionGuidance on "Help" Section

George Thomas  -  3 Replies  -  2 weeks ago Product Questions
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October 14, 2019

October Release Preview

Andrew BenjaminProduct News

Our October release has arrived in your Digital Workplace Preview environment. Here is what you can test:

October 9, 2019

Tips and Tricks is moving!

Jim TigwellTips & Tricks

An brief announcement about some changes.

October 9, 2019

Analytics: Engagement

Jim TigwellPlaybook News

Best practices on how to measure engagement in your digital workplace.

October 8, 2019

2019 Q3 Release Wrap-Up

Michele StudhalterProduct News

Watch a short video to catch up on what was released this past quarter

Executives have got the clout to boost digital workplace engagement. They're also one of the most difficult audience groups to engage. In part one of this two-part series, we'll explore how to deliver value to your executives to increase their engagement.

October 3, 2019

Five new solutions videos

Mark LadouceurIgloo University News

The Training team has completed five new solutions videos

We want your feedback! This month's Product Poll is related to Search within the Igloo platform.

Looking for more ways to engage with your members?

Have you ever showed up to work wearing the same thing as a fellow employee? Don't be embarrassed—embrace it! The "Wall of Same" campaign takes an ordinary "whoopsie" and turns it into an opportunity to build culture and engagement.

Microsoft Teams, Slack or Facebook - Which application should Igloo provide deeper integrations with?

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