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Announcing: Igloo Customer Event - ICE Tour!

By Brad Rooke

Join us November 16-18 for some fantastic sessions focusing on our customers and their innovative digital workplaces! We'll also look at some Igloo Innovations and celebrate the annual Digital Transformation Awards!

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Join Igloo's Product Team for a look at some new features and hot discussion topics!

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Chelsey Louzeiro from Heifer International discusses how CIP is playing a critical role in their digital transformation journey.

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A Digital Workplace is a virtual home for your employees. To ensure it remains valuable and relevant, it needs to evolve with working situations and employee trends and to align with organizational goals and objectives.

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Join us as we discuss the various data options that are available to help you maximize your understanding of your Igloo Digital Workplace!

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Join Igloo's Product Team as we recap 2021 thus far and look at what's coming next to your Digital Workplace!

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Building on the lessons learned in our first Spring Cleaning Webinar, we'll take a dive into the principles, concepts and tips behind Visual Design!

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Customer Care's New Awards Calendar!

By Roxana Lovrekovic

Stay up-to-date on all the awards offerings available globally to celebrate your successes!

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Winter has finally loosened its grasp and as we move into the spring months, thoughts turn to cleaning out the clutter. Join us for this engaging discussion on giving your Igloo a solid spring cleaning!

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Join us for an engaging discussion on the WFH revolution and what we and our customers have learned during this unprecedented period!

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