Igloo User Guide


The Igloo User Guide is an online tool that provides self-paced learning through a collection of articles focused on the features and fundamentals of the Igloo platform. The guide consists of ten distinct chapters starting with basics and progressing to more advanced publishing and administrative topics. 

Chapter Listings

Digital Workplace

Discover a quick summary of the Igloo Digital Workplace strategy and solution portfolio.


Learn how to use the most frequently used tools for building your Digital Workplace.

IT Setup

Learn how to whitelist email notifications, setup domain mapping and user authentication.


Learn how to add, revoke, and manage groups of people in your Digital Workplace.

Access and Permissions

Learn how to control what people are able to see and what they are able to do in your Digital Workplace.

Design Basics

Learn how to structure your site, configure pages, and inject your unique brand identity into your Digital Workplace.

Navigation Overview

Learn how to use all navigation tools available in Igloo.

Create Content

Learn how to draft, moderate, and publish content across each of the 7 content channels available within Igloo.

Edit Content

Learn how to reserve, version, and archive content throughout Igloo.

Mobile App

Learn about the benefits of the mobile app and how to set it up for optimal user adoption.

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