Content Creator Guide

Content Creator/Publisher Learning Guide

Content Creators/Publishers are responsible for adding and maintaining content such as corporate news, departmental updates, company policies, documents and templates, event calendars and more. This role is typically performed by a wide variety of individuals from across the organization. Below you will find a role description, recommended training courses and a self-serve guide of resources, articles and videos, curated and sequenced for your role-based learning.

Role Description


A Content Creator/Publisher creates, curates, and publishes content for areas within the digital workplace such as the homepage, team spaces, Solutions, and more. The role of Content Creators/Publishers is to add content that will drive adoption, engagement, and ongoing usage of the digital workplace across the organization. They represent the voice of their respective business units, stakeholders, and leaders. 

Key responsibilities  

  • Is very familiar with the company's communications guidelines and brand voice as well as with the digital workplace tools and functionality used to create and publish content
  • May have direct authority over the content they add to the digital workplace while some creators/publishers may act in more of an administrative capacity by posting material written by others 
  • Executes a cohesive and coordinated content strategy as a critical component of a successful digital workplace
  • Aligns with other Content Creators/Publishers as well as the Launch Manager, Digital Workplace Manager, Marketing/Brand Manager, Corporate Communications, Solutions Managers and Digital Workplace Champions, under the direction of the Project/Program Manager
  • Follows approval workflows to enable and empower more users to contribute to the digital workplace while maintaining a level of governance
  • May ghostwrite and publish on behalf of a leader 

Recommended Training

Content Creator

  • Learn to author, upload, customize and manage content in your digital workplace.

Driving Engagement: Tactics & Campaigns

  • Learn the benefits and drivers of engagement as well as top tactics and campaigns that drive ongoing engagement and adoption.

End-User/Member Training

  • Learn to navigate, engage with and contribute to your digital workplace.  

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