Solution Manager Guide

Solution/Space Manager Learning Guide

A Solution Manager is an administrator/owner of a solution such as Newsroom, Onboarding Center or Team Room, etc. Below you will find a role description, recommended training courses and a self-serve guide of relevant resources, articles and videos, curated and sequenced to further your role-based learning journey.

Role Description


A Solution Manager has many of the same responsibilities as the Digital Workplace Manager, but at the Solution level instead of for the entire digital workplace. They serve as the owner and ambassador for their Solution (e.g. Newsroom, Social Zone, Onboarding Center, etc.). With input from the Executive and/or Project Sponsor, Project/Program Manager, and Digital Workplace Manager, they ensure their Solution aligns with the organizational vision and plan.

Key responsibilities

  • Owns the specific Solutions areas within the digital workplace and is accountable for their respective Solutions
  • Is responsible for solution strategy, success, and day-to-day operations
  • Acts as the primary contact for feedback, issues, and ideas related to Solutions
  • Helps facilitate the connections between people, processes, and information in their Solution area 
  • Works collaboratively with other Solutions Managers to share best practices and foster consistent experiences across all the Solutions in the digital workplace
  • Oversees the activities of Digital Workplace Builders and Content Creators/Publishers who are contributing to their Solution
  • Gathers input from Design and UX Specialists, Marketing/Brand Managers, and Corporate Communications team members
  • As the face of their Solution, they may often play the role of ad-hoc Digital Workplace Trainer and Champion
  • May also be called on to enforce established governance practices for any posts that Content Creators/Publishers or End-User/Members make within their Solution

Recommended Training

Exploring Solutions

  • Learn how Solutions help solve key business challenges in Communication, Collaboration, Knowledge Management and Culture & Engagement.

Solution Management 101

  • Learn the skills you need to start managing a Solution/Space in your digital workplace. 

Solutions Management 102

  • Learn about managing Solutions & Spaces within your digital workplace.

Content Creator

  • Learn to author, upload, customize and manage content in your digital workplace. 

Introduction to Widget Configuration

  • Learn best practices for placing, moving and configuring Widgets for your digital workplace.

Widget Configuration: Beyond the Basics

  • Learn more advanced Widget configuration such as working with classes, embedding video and more and embed a third-party application.  

Digital Workplace Layout

  • Learn best practices around page layout in your digital workplace. How to organize content, place widgets, use fonts, colors and images.

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