Solution Manager Guide

Solution/Space Manager Learning Guide

A Solution Manager is an administrator/owner of a solution such as Newsroom, Onboarding Center or Team Room, etc. Below you will find a role description, recommended training courses and a self-serve guide of relevant resources, articles and videos, curated and sequenced to further your role-based learning journey.

Role Description

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Recommended Training

Exploring Solutions

  • Learn how Solutions help solve key business challenges in Communication, Collaboration, Knowledge Management and Culture & Engagement.

Solution Management 101

  • Learn the skills you need to start managing a Solution/Space in your digital workplace. 

Solutions Management 102

  • Learn about managing Solutions & Spaces within your digital workplace.

Content Creator

  • Learn to author, upload, customize and manage content in your digital workplace. 

Introduction to Widget Configuration

  • Learn best practices for placing, moving and configuring Widgets for your digital workplace.

Widget Configuration: Beyond the Basics

  • Learn more advanced Widget configuration such as working with classes, embedding video and more and embed a third-party application.  

Digital Workplace Layout

  • Learn best practices around page layout in your digital workplace. How to organize content, place widgets, use fonts, colors and images.

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