Digital Workplace Manager Guide

Digital Workplace Manager Learning Guide

A Digital Workplace Manager plays a critical role as a site administrator, builder, strategist and more. Below you will find a role description, recommended training courses and a self-serve guide of relevant resources, articles and videos, curated and sequenced to further your role-based learning journey.

Role Description


The Digital Workplace Manager plays a critical role in the overall success of a digital workplace. Depending on the size and scope of your digital workplace this could be a senior employee or a team that serves as the face of the digital workplace. They build vital connections between people, processes, and information in your digital workplace.

Key responsibilities

  • Is the quarterback of the digital workplace and primary contact for feedback, issues, and ideas.
  • Takes direction from the Executive/Project Sponsor and Program Manager; accountable for executing the plays that will shape long-term strategic success.
  • Oversees the look, feel, and layout.
  • Ensures alignment with corporate branding guidelines.
  • Manages the creation of templates, classes, and styles for Digital Workplace Builders and Content Creators/Publishers to ensure consistency, ease-of-use, mobile-friendliness, and inspiration for users.
  • Works with Design & UX Specialists to create a digital workplace framework and architecture.
  • Collaborates with Marketing/Brand Managers and Corporate Communication on brand, tone, and communication guidelines for the digital workplace.
  • Acts as a mentor while coordinating and overseeing the activities of Solution Managers and the Content Creators/Publishers.
  • Acts as an informal coach and subject matter expert for Digital Workplace Trainers and Champions as well as users.
  • Interacts with all active digital workplace users, gathers feedback, and facilitates communication between all roles and levels.

Recommended Training: Basic

Digital Transformation Bootcamp

  • A guided tour of the Igloo Playbook that covers foundational digital workplace concepts.

Digital Workplace Management 101

  • Learn key concepts and foundational capabilities as a Site Administrator.

Digital Workplace Management 102

  • Learn additional essential concept as you build layouts and configure widgets.

Exploring Solutions

  • Learn how Solutions help solve key business challenges in Communication, Collaboration, Knowledge Management and Culture & Engagement.

Digital Workplace Governance

  • Learn strategies and best practices to drive effective governance at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Solutions Management 102

  • Learn about managing Solutions & Spaces within your digital workplace.

Content Creator

  • Learn to author, upload, customize and manage content in your digital workplace. 

Introduction to Widget Configuration

  • Learn best practices for placing, moving and configuring Widgets for your digital workplace.

Widget Configuration: Beyond the Basics

  • Learn more advanced Widget configuration such as working with classes, embedding video and more and embed a third-party application.  

Digital Workplace Layout

  • Learn best practices around page layout in your digital workplace. How to organize content, place widgets, use fonts, colors and images.

Recommended Training: Advanced

Introduction to Integrations

  • Learn to add and configure Integration Widgets to add 3rd party tools and apps to your digital workplace. 

Managing Access and Permissions 101

  • Learn to manage the members and groups within your digital workplace. 

Managing Access and Permissions 102

  • Learn to manage the access rules within your digital workplace.

Planning your Digital Workplace Launch

  • Learn the essentials for planning for your launch as well as some top tactics and campaigns you can leverage to drive initial engagement.

Driving Engagement: Tactics & Campaigns

  • Learn the benefits and drivers of engagement as well as top tactics and campaigns that drive ongoing engagement and adoption.

Measuring Success

  • Learn about the importance of measuring activity in your digital workplace and the impact that collecting data has to the overall success of the site.

Maximizing Mobility

  • Learn about Digital Workplace App functionality and key considerations for driving adoption and optimizing your digital workplace for mobile consumption.

Introduction to Workplace Analytics

  • Learn about Google Analytics, Workplace Analytics and the Insights program for your digital workplace. 

Introduction to Data Feeds

  • Learn to connect and work with the data feeds for your digital workplace.

Evolving your Digital Workplace

  • Learn the importance of regularly reviewing your digital workplace goals, site structure, governance and visual design.

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