IT Administrator Guide

Welcome to the Igloo IT Administrator Guide

IT Administrators support Site Administration, User Management, SSO and Active Directory sync, Analytics, Integrations and more. Below you will find a role description, recommended training courses and a self-serve guide of resources, articles and videos, curated and sequenced to further your role-based learning.

Role Description


IT Administrators work with Igloo’s experts on the technical configuration of authentication, identities, roles, and access for the digital workplace. They also provide member support and assist with the implementation of integrations and custom reporting. 

Key responsibilities

  • Is responsible for domain mapping, DNS/IP whitelisting, member upload, centralized authentication (e.g. SSO, AD, SSL), and security compliance
  • Provides ongoing digital workplace access support for all levels of End-User/Members
  • Works with the Executive and/or Project Sponsors or through the Project/Program Manager to gather analytics and reporting requirements
  • Identifies and implements system integrations to bring all the tools used by the organization together in the digital workplace 
  • Develops and enforces governance as it relates to security and authentication
  • Guides user configuration and management with input from the Digital Workplace Manager and Solution Managers to establish the right mix of groups, roles, and permissions related to content contribution and access levels 
  • Works with the Igloo Technical Support Team for consultation and support as needed

Recommended Training

Digital Workplace Management 101

  • Learn key concepts and foundational capabilities as a Site Administrator.

Digital Workplace Management 102

  • Learn additional essential concept as you build layouts and configure widgets.

Introduction to Integrations

  • Learn to add and configure Integration Widgets to add 3rd party tools and apps to your digital workplace. 

Managing Access and Permissions 101

  • Learn to manage the members and groups within your digital workplace. 

Managing Access and Permissions 102

  • Learn to manage the access rules within your digital workplace.
  • Learn about the importance of measuring activity in your digital workplace and the impact that collecting data has to the overall success of the site.

Maximizing Mobility

  • Learn about Digital Workplace App functionality and key considerations for driving adoption and optimizing your digital workplace for mobile consumption.

Introduction to Workplace Analytics

  • Learn about Google Analytics, Workplace Analytics and the Insights program for your digital workplace. 

Introduction to Data Feeds

  • Learn to connect and work with the data feeds for your digital workplace.

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