End-User /Members

Digital Workplace End-User/Member Learning Guide

A member is all end-users of a digital workplace. Below you will find a role description, recommended training courses and a self-serve guide of relevant resources, articles and videos, curated and sequenced to further your role-based learning journey

Role Description


End-User/Members of a digital workplace include all members, even those with additional roles on the digital workplace team. They need practical know-how to adapt to workflows, access relevant documents, leverage critical integrations, and navigate the digital workplace with ease. They also need the knowledge and confidence to contribute to areas open to them, manage their Personal Profiles, create Microblogs, and otherwise actively participate in the digital workplace. 

Key responsibilities

  • Manage their Personal Profile and notifications
  • Access and in certain cases update documents and other assets within the digital workplace 
  • Follow Blogs and other relevant Channels, and contribute to Forums and Microblogs where applicable
  • Actively consume and contribute content to the extent that their access levels allow
  • Provide feedback to Solution Managers and Digital Workplace Champions to ensure Solutions are meeting their needs
  • Act as informal champions and trainers to evangelize usage and share knowledge with their peers after receiving training from the Digital Workplace Trainer

Recommended Training

End-User/Member Training

  • Learn to navigate, engage with and contribute to your digital workplace.  

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