File Manager (Beta Program)

A modern, easy-to-use, way of managing your files

Download the beta version of the File Manager application to help make managing your organization's files easier. After you've had a chance to use the application, please be sure to provide us with your feedback on how we can improve it.

File Manager (Beta Program)

The File Manager provides an alternative method of managing files in your digital workplace. Using the app, you can easily upload, download, and move files and folders. These actions are dependent on your existing Access levels. The File Manager does not currently provide the ability to edit a file and automatically save your changes to the digital workplace. This functionality is still available in the Desktop Client.

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What’s happening with the Desktop Client Tool?

Our goal is to reach feature parity between this application and the new File Manager. Once we achieve that parity, the Desktop Client Tool will be deprecated and you’ll have access to a single tool (File Manager) that supports both Windows and Mac users.

Download the File Manager

Any member of a digital workplace can download the File Manager for their Windows (Windows 7+) or Apple (OS 10.10 +) computer.

Once you have downloaded the file manager, take the next step of:

Navigate the File Manager

Actions in the File Manager take place in two locations: 

  • Workplace selection screen: The workplace selection screen is the first screen that comes up when the File Manager loads. On this screen, you can add, remove, and connect to your digital workplaces.

selection screen

  • File management screen: The file management screen is where you can browse your workplace and manage files. From here you can add, delete, and move files and folders.

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For information about the specific components of these screens and what they do, check out the article:

Manage Files and Folders

The File Manager respects the Access rules that have been configured in your workplace. You will only be able to see Files and Folders that you have at least Read access to. Uploading files requires that you have at least Write access to the location you are uploading to, while you will need at least Edit access to move, rename, or create a new version of files. Check out the following articles to learn more about what actions you can perform:

Stay up-to-date

When you open-an-out of date version of the File Manager, a popup will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen indicating that an update is available. Click this popup to begin installing the newest version of the File Manager. If you do not click the popup, the File Manager will update itself after it is closed.

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Open file and folder locations in the File ManagerFile Manager - Files

You can provide your users with the ability to easily open a file or folder's location in the File Manager by enabling the "Open File Manager" button. When enabled, the button will appear below file previews, above folder navigation lists, and on the manage archives page. Clicking the button will prompt the user to open the location in the File Manager, and also provides a link to download the File Manager. 


The File Manager records issues that it encounters in log files. These should be included in your correspondence with the Igloo Support Team when troubleshooting an issue.

Download the app

Get the File Manager for your operating system.

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