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How to get help

By Jim Tigwell

If you need assistance with Igloo, there are lots of places to find help.

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Exceptional Embeddables: Facebook

By Jim Tigwell

A guide to embedding Facebook pages in your Igloo.

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CSS Success: Navigation Hijinks

By Jim Tigwell

Some quick tricks to adjust your navigation.

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Launching a New Area

By Jim Tigwell

A short guide to making sure that new areas in your digital workplace launch when and how you want.

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  • Easy Answers: Newsle…
    Rebecca Scelly says:
    Hi, do you have a newsletter channel template example that I can see? 
    I'm interested in how the layout looks.
    5 weeks ago
  • Exceptional Embeddab…
    Bradley Warrington says:
    Hi Jim Tigwell‍, 
    Looks like Twitter now allows for this, I have tested, and confirmed that this works. You can check out their Twitter Developer section here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/twitter-for-websites/timelines/overview.html 
    Look for the title "Limiting the number of Tweets displayed". 

    3 months ago
  • Working With Widgets…
    Rebecca Label says:
    Thank you Jim Tigwell‍ 
    Are there more templates you can share? I would like to diy my own POC for my companys' expansion.
    Thank you
    3 months ago
  • Getting Started: Con…
    Jennifer Nicholls says:
    This is awesome Jim Tigwell‍
    3 months ago

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