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  • Igloo + Microsoft, B…
    Jason Visser says:
    Thanks Dan Latendre‍! I found the article mentioning the 3 directions as it relates directly to Team after I posted that question.  Thanks for the sneak peak too! Excited to see where you go along with this journey!
    3 days ago
  • Igloo + Microsoft, B…
    Dan Latendre says:
    Jason Visser‍ - that is a great question. I thought I would answer it as I am the Executive Sponsor for the Product Steering Committee. We are working on delivering three integrations for Microsoft Teams initially:

    Direct Messaging - direct message your peers from your digital workplace.
    Content Sharing - bi-directionally share content from…
    3 days ago
  • Igloo + Microsoft, B…
    Jason Visser says:
    Ashley Pergolas‍ , I like hearing that the team is working on find ways to integrate 0365 apps into Igloo this sounds like it will be great for customers.   Has there been direction or thoughts on if Igloo will be delivering a "Igloo" app that can be installed from the Teams Marketplace?  It would be great for customers to allow their employees to…
    3 days ago

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