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Don’t you hate it when you need to make an API request but one of the requirements is ObjectId or ObjectGUID? Don’t worry, Igloo has got your back with an alternative way of querying objects!

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  • Who Are You? – Authe…
    Harun Sheikhali says:
    Hey Matt Pennetti‍ I've edited this article based on the suggestions you've given.

    Thanks for the feedback!
    2 months ago
  • What makes a great w…
    David Bistolas says:
    Thanks Michael Tomon‍! Should work now. It was a typo in the href.
    2 months ago
  • What makes a great w…
    Michael Tomon says:
    David Bistolas‍ - I clicked the link above to the developer portal and received an error. 
    2 months ago
  • Who Are You? – Authe…
    Matt Pennetti says:
    Can you upload higher resolution images?
    2 months ago

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