Tips & Tricks CareEasy Answers: Indexes<div><img src="/.api2/binaries/XXWuPdtjjH/thumbnails/SupportBlog_Thumbnails_EasyAnswers@3x-100.jpg?width=300" style="width: 300px;" alt="SupportBlog_Thumbnails_EasyAnswers@3x-100" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="XXWuPdtjjH"> <p>Workplaces are driven by lists. Lists of members, items in a news feed, and files in a folder. Usually you rely on a platform to build those lists, with things like search indexes, or to make it easy to use lists you've created, like using Groups for notifications and access. Changing those lists can alter the very fabric of your digital…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 17 Jul 2019 11:04:29 -0400 Grab Bag: Global Settings and Movement<div><p><img src="/.api2/binaries/xYkfLVs9id/thumbnails/SupportBlog_Thumbnails_GrabBag@3x-100.jpg?width=300" style="width: 300px;" alt="SupportBlog_Thumbnails_GrabBag@3x-100" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="xYkfLVs9id">Summer brings heat and questions, as well as our new <a href="" class=" WikiLinkType1">Digital Workplace Playbook</a>, a repository of strategies and best practices to help guide you through your digital transformation. Look to it for help planning through your launch and beyond. There are only a few questions this month, so we'll get to it. </p> <h3>How can I enable Likes?</h3> <p>This question…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 10 Jul 2019 10:04:51 -0400 Started: Notifications<div><img src="/.api2/binaries/M7OFLOIz7C/thumbnails/SupportBlog_Thumbnails_GettingStarted@3x-100.jpg?width=300" style="width: 300px;" alt="SupportBlog_Thumbnails_GettingStarted@3x-100" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="M7OFLOIz7C"> <p>Notifications are an integral portion of your content strategy, so much so that it's hard to untangle the two. When your digital workplace is getting off the ground, notifications will be one of the first ways that people interact with it. That first impression matters, so you want to ensure that what they're receiving is concise, relevant, and…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 03 Jul 2019 10:43:59 -0400 with Widgets: Forum Topics<div><img src="/.api2/binaries/2y7HMzsRWH/thumbnails/SupportBlog_Thumbnails_WorkingWithWidgets@3x-100.jpg?width=300" style="width: 300px;" alt="SupportBlog_Thumbnails_WorkingWithWidgets@3x-100.jpg" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="2y7HMzsRWH" data-src="/.api2/binaries/2y7HMzsRWH/thumbnails/SupportBlog_Thumbnails_WorkingWithWidgets@3x-100.jpg?width=300"> <p>The Forum Topics widget is the heart of a lot of team Spaces, especially HR and Q&amp;A areas where members can consult with subject matter experts. It offers easy access to ongoing conversations, and uses the categorization options to great effect. Often compared with Microblogs, Forums are better suited to longer form and more formal…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 05 Jun 2019 10:00:00 -0400 Grab Bag: Languages<div><img src="/.api2/binaries/XvXcNtNVFN/thumbnails/SupportBlog_Thumbnails_GrabBag@3x-100.jpg?width=300" style="width: 300px;" alt="SupportBlog_Thumbnails_GrabBag@3x-100.jpg" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="XvXcNtNVFN" data-src="/.api2/binaries/XvXcNtNVFN/thumbnails/SupportBlog_Thumbnails_GrabBag@3x-100.jpg?width=300"> <p>More and more organizations are international. They have offices in several countries, or even on several continents, use contractors, or serve people across oceans. Language barriers can be a challenge, and your digital workplace rises to meet it by working to provide a seamless experience for all supported languages. Today we look at several…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 29 May 2019 13:26:13 -0400 Time<div><img src="/.api2/binaries/K2sOPH9KuA/thumbnails/TipsTricks-Analytics.png?width=300" style="width: 300px;" alt="TipsTricks-Analytics.png" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="K2sOPH9KuA" data-src="/.api2/binaries/K2sOPH9KuA/thumbnails/TipsTricks-Analytics.png?width=300"> <p>When your analytics goals are refined, time starts to matter a lot. It's not enough to know how often users are active in your digital workplace, but what times they're most engaged. Are they logging on in the morning and staying on, or sporadically visiting throughout the day? How long to they spend being active in your Igloo, and what actions…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 22 May 2019 10:00:05 -0400 Answers: Newsletters<div><p><img src="/.api2/binaries/oR5hjpSwsz/thumbnails/TipsTricks-EasyAnswers.png?width=300" style="width: 300px;" alt="TipsTricks-EasyAnswers.png" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="oR5hjpSwsz" data-src="/.api2/binaries/oR5hjpSwsz/thumbnails/TipsTricks-EasyAnswers.png?width=300">Normally when we look at content creation, we're looking at individual blog posts, splashy announcements or short team updates are the majority of posts in the Igloo platform. But there's another option, a format rewarded for both completeness and consistency. Your blog can be a newsletter, collecting content from around your digital workplace and…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 15 May 2019 10:01:55 -0400 Started: Access<div><img src="/.api2/binaries/DeLIvvCbiV/thumbnails/TipsTricks-Generic.png?width=300" style="width: 300px;" alt="TipsTricks-Generic.png" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="DeLIvvCbiV" data-src="/.api2/binaries/DeLIvvCbiV/thumbnails/TipsTricks-Generic.png?width=300"> <p>The time to set up access is after your <a href="" class=" WikiLinkType1">Channels</a> and <a unsafe.href="http://`">Pages</a> are in place, and your content strategy is set up. Knowing where the content that members need to see lives, and who owns those areas are the cornerstones of any access model. Today we'll look at best practices when setting up access in your digital workplace, and making it ready for…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 08 May 2019 10:00:19 -0400 Dives: Profiles<div><img src="/.api2/binaries/DQ5CBvFQaH/thumbnails/TipsTricks-DeeperDives.png?width=300" style="width: 300px;" alt="TipsTricks-DeeperDives.png" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="DQ5CBvFQaH" data-src="/.api2/binaries/DQ5CBvFQaH/thumbnails/TipsTricks-DeeperDives.png?width=300"> <p>Profiles can be a key element of building community in your Igloo. Every member of your digital workplace has a profile, which can detail their skills, history, contact information, and more. they're the cornerstone of connecting people to people, letting your members find people with similar interests, form communities of practice, and get to…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 01 May 2019 09:00:06 -0400 Grab Bag: No Vacancy<div><p><img src="/.api2/binaries/KGKfY8CETk/thumbnails/TipsTricks-GrabBag.png?width=300" style="width: 300px;" alt="TipsTricks-GrabBag.png" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="KGKfY8CETk" data-src="/.api2/binaries/KGKfY8CETk/thumbnails/TipsTricks-GrabBag.png?width=300">As winter turns to spring, organizations confirm their budgets and plans for growth. Spring is typically when we receive most questions about the limits of a digital workplace. What are they, how to know when you've reached them, and how to increase them. Whether through steady or abrupt growth, every Igloo eventually needs more room. </p><p>Acquiring…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 24 Apr 2019 10:10:10 -0400