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The Igloo API allows developers to perform I/O functions directly with the platform. For a list of currently available API endpoints, please skip ahead to the Igloo API Reference. If you are enrolled in Igloo Developer Support, a flat file can be provided to you directly that has more information available than our public documentation.


Getting Started with the Igloo Developer API Reference

Welcome to Igloo’s Developer API Reference. With our APIs, you can enhance the functionality of your digital workplace by integrating your most used business applications. 

 Navigating The API Reference

Our API documentation is powered by SwaggerUI and OpenAPI. You can navigate to each API section by clicking on the tabs above.

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Our APIs are broken down into five sections:

  • API V1: Covers most of our functionality – including accessing objects (Calendar, Blog, Microblog, Tasks, Users, and more).
  • API V2: Expands on the functionality of API V1 with additional methods for WikiChannels, Watermarks, Search, Users and Groups, OAuth, and more.
  • Like API: Allows you to add, remove and view the likes for objects in Igloo.
  • Task API: Allows you to manipulate Igloo tasks – view, create, remove tasks for users.
  • Meta API:Allows you to manipulate comments and read tracking for objects within Igloo.

Try It Now!

One of the more powerful features (and our personal favorite) of our new API pages is the ability to ‘try it now’ – you can execute calls to Igloo directly from the API Documentation!

Spaces API documentation with try it now option

The calls are authenticated with your user credentials (which is why you need to be registered as a developer) and are returned in real-time with live results – these are not Mocked calls. They’re real. 

Looking at the Schema

For each call’s response object, you can look at the “schema” of the response by clicking on the ”Schema” link next to the “Example Value” in API V1 and the “Model” link in all of the other APIs.

Schema page for v1 API

Making API Calls from your project

From your own server or service

To access Igloo’s API from your server, you’ll first need to create an authentication token, for further information visit the authenticating to Igloo article.  Once you’ve acquired your authentication token, you can use your favorite HTTP client, in your favorite language to make calls to Igloo securely over HTTPS. Please note, HTTP requests are not supported. 

From Your Integration Widget

Making calls to Igloo from your own Integration Widget is easy – there’s no need to re-authenticate (the widget will use the logged-in user’s authentication credentials to make the call).  To simplify making API calls within an integration widget we have built in the popular Axios library (The GitHub page of Axios). Information about making API calls to your digital workplace using Axios.

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