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Easy Answers: Indexes

By Jim Tigwell

A short guide to building custom indexes in your digital workplace.

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Answers to a few commons questions received by Igloo Support this month.

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Getting Started: Notifications

By Jim Tigwell

Some quick tips on developing a notification strategy for your digital workplace.

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  • Introduction to Work…
    Jim Tigwell says:
    Hi Kerry, 
    Overall member activity measures the number of members who did anything in the site in the timespan, including view content. So if a user has at least one view, they're marked as active, because they've logged into the site. The site activity report can report on active and inactive members.
    4 days ago
  • Introduction to Work…
    Kerry Payton says:
    Jim Tigwell Darren Jenkin Can you explain what the "Overall Member Activity" measures? We are trying to run an analytics report that shows how many users are logging into the digital workplace. I searched the Report Library, but did not find a Basic Report that allows us to measure Login Activity.
    4 days ago

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