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Pages Vs. Spaces Championship Match

By Ryan Consell – 4 Comments

On the surface, Igloo pages and spaces seem to be very similar. When is the best time to use a page over a space, and vice versa?
*Note* this article was made somewhat obsolete with the summer 2015 release.

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Uncooperative Video Embeds

By Ryan Consell

How to safely and reliably embed YouTube videos and their relatives on SSL enabled communities.

Photo of Kayleigh WilleyOffline

Replacing Deleted Objects

By Kayleigh Willey

How in the world to create an object with the same name as something that you've deleted.

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PDF Preview Problems

By Ryan Consell

How to check if your PDF security is preventing it from being previewed in your community

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  • Tips and Tricks is m…
    Jocelyn Flint says:
    It was nice knowing you, Tips and Tricks! #longlivetandt
    7 days ago
  • Exceptional Embeddab…
    Heather Turnbull says:
    Is there a way to setup links to the forms within a Files and Documents section? at the moment we are starting to move all our fallible documents to Google Forms but i cannot locate a simple way to add them to the platform outside of a "links" widget
    2 weeks ago
  • CSS Success: Positio…
    Diana May says:
    Jim Tigwell‍ Great article - simplifying the complex! Greatly appreciated.
    5 weeks ago
  • August Grab Bag: Fil…
    Deborah de Freitas says:
    Thanks as always for your tips Jim.  One thing I do for files and articles where I know I'm likely to share the URL and want a clean one is that I usually make the title what I want the permalink to be - one or two words max.  

    For example "Travel Policy" and then publish and then update the title to include more information like "Khoros Travel…
    7 weeks ago
  • Working With Widgets…
    Andrew Jayne says:
    Thanks, Jim Tigwell‍ - appreciate the info.  We already have a lengthy enhancement request list so I think I'll hold on to this one until we can get some of the others knocked off.
    8 weeks ago
  • Working With Widgets…
    Jim Tigwell says:
    Not currently. The widget is designed to take members directly to the files on a click, so they can interact with them. There's definitely an interesting enhancement request there, however. Can you submit it, with the use case you're looking to address in the Product Zone?
    8 weeks ago
  • Easy Answers: Newsle…
    Rebecca Scelly says:
    Hi, do you have a newsletter channel template example that I can see? 
    I'm interested in how the layout looks.
    4 months ago
  • Exceptional Embeddab…
    Bradley Warrington says:
    Hi Jim Tigwell‍, 
    Looks like Twitter now allows for this, I have tested, and confirmed that this works. You can check out their Twitter Developer section here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/twitter-for-websites/timelines/overview.html 
    Look for the title "Limiting the number of Tweets displayed". 

    6 months ago

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