Updating the ILST

Updating the ILST

New ILST updates are periodically released by Igloo. These updates include functionality that is necessary for the ILST to continue functioning as expected. As a result, it is important to stay up to date with the latest version of the ILST.  

To update the ILST, you will need access to where it is currently set up within your organization. You must also be an approved Support Contact from an organization that has purchased the ILST in order to be able to download it.

How to update the ILST

If you run into any issues running the ILST,  you can contact Igloo Support for assistance.

  1. Back up your existing ILST folder by creating a copy of it.
    • Create a new folder in your ILST directory.
    • Copy the current installation into this new folder.
  2. Download the latest version of the ILST.
  3. Excluding the config.xml file, copy the contents of the downloaded folder into your primary ILST folder replacing the older files.
    • Copied files should include: ILST.exe, Newtonsoft.Json.dll, NLog.config, NLog.dll, and NLog.xml.
  4. Newer versions of the ILST require the config.xml file include the <ManagerAttribute> and its related fields. Verify whether this attribute is present in your config file. If it is not, the following lines must be added to your config:
    • The following lines will need to be added to the <User Account> section immediately after the <Surname> tag:
    • In addition, the following lines will need to be added to the <CommunityApi> section after the <ManagedByLdapFieldName> tag:
    • Note: If you don't want to use this functionality, you can disable it by deprecating the fields specified in the <ManagerNameFieldName> and <ManagerEmailFieldName> tags. For example:
  5. Run the tool in test mode.
    • Test mode is enabled within the config file under ApplicationSettings.
      <TestMode>True</TestMode>  <!-- will enable test mode -->
      <TestMode>False</TestMode>  <!-- will disable test mode -->
    • This step is important to verify that the tool will function as expected.
    • If no errors are encountered, test mode can be disabled.
  6. Validate the data from test mode.
    • Verify that the ILST has finished and that the data in the output csv looks correct.
  7. If there were no issues with the results of step 6, run the ILST manually in live mode to sync users to your digital workplace.
    • Verify that the ILST has finished and that the membership of your digital workplace appears as you expect.
  8. If there are no issues with step 7, set up the ILST to run as a scheduled task.

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