Group GUIDs for ILST Group Mapping

Group GUIDs for ILST Group Mapping

Group mapping in the ILST requires GUIDs of igloo groups rather than group names. There are two ways to acquire those GUIDs: inspect elements in your digital workplace, or run an API.

Inspecting Elements

To find the ID of a single group. Follow this process:

1. Using Google Chrome navigate to https://<yourcommunity>/admin/membership/groups
2. Locate the group you need to get the GroupIDfor in the list

1pastedImage.png3. Right click on that group and select Inspect

4. A new screen will open which shows some HTML content. The groupIDwill appear in the id attribute


Running an API

To get a list of all groups in your community, follow this process:

  • Log in to your community
  • Open your browser console (F12 in most browsers)
  • Copy the following code into the console and run it
function getGroups() {

  axios.get('/.api/api.svc/community/usergroups/view').then(function(response) {

    var userGroupData =;
    var groupType;

    for (var i = 0; i < userGroupData.length; i++) {
      if (userGroupData[i].spaceTitle === "") {
        groupType = "System Group";
      } else {
        groupType = "Space, Title: ";
      console.log(groupType + userGroupData[i].spaceTitle + ", Group Name: " + userGroupData[i].name + ", Group {guid}: " + userGroupData[i].id);

  • The code should produce a list of group GUIDs matched with their group name and space.

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