Building Blocks of Igloo

How to Contribute Content

In the Contributing Content section of this User Guide, you'll learn about the various ways you can add or modify content that resides in your Igloo digital workplace. You'll use these techniques to add content to any of the various channel types that you may have access to.

As a Content Creator, your ability to Contribute content to your digital workplace will depend on the Access Level that you personally have to the various Channels, Pages and Spaces in your digital workplace. You may not have permission to add content using these methods in all areas or in some cases not at all. This will vary depending on your role and your organizations digital workplace governance model.

Building Blocks of Igloo

This video provides a foundational level of knowledge about how a digital workplace is structured. It walks you through the relationship between Channels, Widgets, Pages and Spaces and the difference between Pages and Spaces. It also describes the role that Solutions and Integrations play in a digital workplace.

After watching this video, you should be able to:

  • Identify the key components that make up a digital workplace.
  • Summarize the relationship between Channels, Widgets, Pages and Spaces.
  • Distinguish between Pages and Spaces.
  • Recognize the value of Digital Workplace Solutions.
  • Describe the role 3rd party Integrations play in a digital workplace.

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