About Igloo University

Welcome to Igloo University

Igloo University is a digital workplace education program that provides you with self-service learning resources,
comprehensive training courses, education sessions on strategy and theory, leading towards Igloo certification programs
that will support your digital transformation initiatives and further your knowledge of digital workplace solutions.

About Igloo University

Igloo University moves beyond just product training to provide a structured learning curriculum that supports the growth and adoption of your digital workplace.

Instructor-Led Training

Strategy & Theory Learning Webinars

Our Learning Webinar series provides foundational digital workplace theory and strategy that aligns to the key milestones in your digital transformation journey.

Hands-On Training

Igloo University’s growing catalog of hands-on training covers Digital Workplace Management, Analytics, Governance, Integrations, Solution Management, Content Creation and more. These hands-on courses are delivered through a combination of online and in-person sessions, in both private and semi-private formats.

Self-Serve Learning Resources

Igloo University also includes access to our wide variety of self-serve resources.

Training Videos

This includes an extensive library of training videos. They’re all under 5 minutes, so they're a great way to quickly boost your knowledge.

Role-Based User-Guides

User Guides curate and sequence collections of videos, articles and other resources from across our customer care site and aligns them to specific digital workplace roles for a more targeted, relevant user guide experience.

Digital Workplace Playbook

Our industry-leading Digital Workplace Playbook is the ultimate resource to help you plan, implement, and manage your digital workplace strategy.

Knowledge Base

A robust knowledge base housing over 400 articles about the features and workflows of Igloo digital workplace solutions is available to quickly provide the answers you need.


In the Community, you to can learn from the knowledge and experiences of other Igloo customers as well as share your own.


Every customer support package includes limited access to Igloo University training courses and materials.

This includes:

  • Access to the self-service portal
  • Instructor-led webinars
  • Private & semi-private training

Entitlements by support package


Self Serve Portal

Learning Webinars Seats

Semi-Private Training Seats

Private Training Session
Bronze5 employees55N/A
Silver10 employees10101
Gold25 employees25252
Platinum50 employees50505
Subscription+25 employees+15+15+2

A la carte pricing

  • $100 per seat (Learning webinars - single seat to a training session)
  • $100 per seat (Semi-private - single seat to a training session)
  • $1000 per course (Private - training session for up to 12 people)

Subscription pricing

Used up the Igloo University training entitlements included in your package? 

Our subscription package offers you exceptional value by providing over $5000 in training services for just $2500.

  • Provides access to all regularly scheduled training courses
  • Includes 25 self-serve portal users
  • 15 additional Learning Webinar seats
  • 15 additional Semi-Private Training seats
  • 2 additional Private Training sessions

Igloo University

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