Creating and Managing Tasks

Creating and Managing Tasks


This video provides an overview of what tasks are, different sources of tasks, how to add tasks, and how to manage tasks.

Learning Objectives

After watching this video, you should be able to:

  • Identify what tasks are
  • Identify different types of task sources
  • Demonstrate how to create a personal task
  • Demonstrate how to create a content task
  • Demonstrate how to set due dates for a task
  • Demonstrate how to set priority for a task
  • Demonstrate how to make a task private
  • Demonstrate how to assign a task to someone else
  • Recall where to check the status of tasks assigned to them
  • Demonstrate how to filter tasks by date, importance, status, assignor and category
  • Demonstrate how to mark tasks as complete
  • Recall how to check the detailed view (comments, activity, actions) for a task


The following roles represent the target audience for this video.


This video achieves the specified learning objectives

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