Solution Administrator

Role Overview

Igloo’s digital workplace solutions boost productivity, innovation, and competitive advantage by addressing your key business challenges. To successfully tackle your organization’s most pressing needs, these purpose-driven tools need to be understood and accepted by every user. Solutions Administrator Training will provide you with the administrative training needed to optimize the use of your chosen solutions.

ICE '17 Session - Better Together: Integrations

How to bring your favourite tools into your other favourite tool, Igloo.

Branding your Igloo

An overview of available options from the Igloo services team for customizing your community.

Igloo Accounts

What Igloo accounts are, and how to manage your credentials.

Personal Profiles

How to view, update, and manage your user profile.

Folder Channel

How to use and set up folder channels and folder widget features.

Forum App

Features and functions found in forum channels

Manage Members

How to add, remove, and bulk upload members.

Revoking Users

How to remove a member from your community

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