Digital Workplace Manager

Role Overview

Digital Workplace Managers help build the vital connections between people, processes, and information in your Igloo.  With a well-informed and proficient Digital Workplace Manager at the helm, the Igloo platform is the ultimate tool for improving collaboration, communication, knowledge sharing and employee engagement across your organization. These training videos will guide you through the administrative functions needed as a Digital Workplace Manager.

Branding your Igloo

An overview of available options from the Igloo services team for customizing your community.

Igloo Accounts

What Igloo accounts are, and how to manage your credentials.

Forum App

Features and functions found in forum channels

Managing Notifications

The ways that your community might send you emails, and how to control how many you get.

Manage Members

How to add, remove, and bulk upload members

Revoking Users

How to remove a member from your community

ICE '17 Session - Community Manager Crash Course

Hear from a seasoned community manager on how to drive engagement, including tips and tricks for managing your digital workplace.

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