Content Creator

Role Overview

Content Creators are your secret weapon when it comes to bringing employees into full engagement with your new digital workplace. Whether they’re writing blogs posts, contributing to forums, or sharing industry news, these front-line users inspire others to get engaged in your Digital Workplace.

Adding Content

An overview of the various ways to add content and the features available in the content editor.

Adding Content Via Email

How to email files into your community, and what will appear when you do.

Editing Inline with the Desktop Tool

How to use to the Igloo Desktop tool to edit your documents directly from your community.

Installing the Desktop Tool

How to install the Igloo Desktop Tool on your PC.

Using the Desktop Tool

How to use the Igloo Desktop Tool to add, move, update, and delete files.

When to use a Wiki

An introduction to what wikis are and where you might use them in your community

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