Launch Manager

Role Type

The Launch Manager is a Strategic role on a digital workplace team.

Role Summary

In charge of planning activities to introduce your digital workplace to the company at large and drive initial engagement/adoption.

Key Tasks/Accountabilities

Coordinate, schedule and promote launch activities for each phase of your digital workplace deployment including; communications, champion campaign, training and launch event details. During launch they may receive feedback, issues, and ideas from stakeholders or employees and will surface those to the Digital Workplace Manager.

Take direction from Project/Program Manager and work closely with the Digital Workplace Manager to ensure the launch campaign aligns with the strategic vision. Align with Marketing/Brand Manager and Corporate Communications as well as coordinate the activities of the Digital Workplace Trainers and Champions to create a campaign that will successfully introduce the digital workplace to your organization.

Decision Making & Impact

The executive/project sponsor have final sign off on the overall launch plan and the Project/Program Manager has final accountability for ensuring the launch plan is successful. The Launch Manager is responsible for ensuring that other supporting stakeholders execute against it. 

Key Relationships

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