The Benefits

What are the benefits of a Company Directory?

The Company Directory Solution creates an area for people to discover, learn more, and make connections organization-wide for a more powerful, collaborative team.


Screen%20Shot%202017-07-21%20at%208.10.06%20AM.pngIncrease organizational intelligence
Give employees and teams the ability to find the right person, team, or field of expertise.

Create a digital “office” for dispersed workforce
Create a digital office where remote workers, dispersed offices, and large organizations can access and become familiar with the people they digitally interact with. This create a unified workplace, even when employees are sometimes miles or time zones away.

Increase productivity
Connect employees, teams, and functional leaders to make faster and more informed decisions.

Enable smarter planning
Make strategic HR planning decisions more effectively. By providing a quick visualization of the org structure, you can locate competencies, identify gaps, and allocate resources.

The Company Directory is a centralized directory that makes it easy to find the right people, team, or expertise. Employees can also discover where they fit into the company’s overall structure.

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