The Benefits

What are the benefits of a Brand Portal?

The Brand Portal is an all-encompassing solution to ensure your brand is consistent and up to date across the organization.


Screen%20Shot%202017-07-21%20at%208.10.06%20AM.pngKeep people aligned and informed on branding and identity
Leverage the Brand Updates Forum to publish stories about your brand, then force-subscribe the brand and marketing teams to ensure they're always in the know about brand changes. Whether it's a new font or a modified color palette, post it in the blog and know that everyone is alerted. Plus, give them confidence that the Brand Portal will always be their single-point-of-truth for the latest guidelines, assets, and news.

Foster a self-service culture
Centralize brand knowledge, assets, expertise, and approval workflows so there's never any doubt where members of your organization should go for brand-related matters.

Improve the productivity of your brand and marketing teams 
The more aligned your organization is to the brand identity and the more self-service they can do through the brand portal, the fewer inquiries your brand and marketing teams will need to field. Eliminate those countless, long email threads where people are looking for logos and fonts, or the questions on who should approve a certain piece of content.

Ask an expert
A forum for commonly asked questions is centrally situated in your portal and searchable across the digital workplace. Leaving a forum open for employees to post content they’ve created for approval helps your marketing team organize and approve content, while allowing others to see how content can be used together.

The Brand Portal houses all your approved creative assets and identity guidelines, while making it easy to reach brand experts for your project needs. This self-serve hub ensures all employees have everything they need to stay on brand.

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