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Browse or search for key resources related to each stage of the Digital Workplace Playbook. View and download templates, checklists, and plans to get you started as you complete important tasks. Explore best practices for additional guidance and recommendations for a successful digital transformation journey. 

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A collection of resources to help you plan, build and manage your digital workplace.

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Resource Types

The Digital Workplace Playbook includes a collection of assets which support each chapter. Below is a list of assets,
their description, and the use cases/benefits of each.


Best practice

Provides methodology and tactical recommendations that, through experience and research, has proven to lead to a desired result.


Provides descriptions of the potential benefits and key features of a specific product, service, solution, or theme.  


Provides a recommended campaign plan that, through experience and research, has proven to drive digital workplace engagement.


Provides short, concise, and actionable tasks that, through experience and research, are proven to help achieve or complete larger tasks, milestones, or goals. 


Provides an overview of a product, service, or solution, including its value and key benefits. 


Provides educational information related to a specific topic or theme, including tangible solutions to the related challenges or opportunities.


Provides educational information related to complex topics and includes instructions to address challenges or accomplish a task. Guides often include related worksheets or checklists.  


Provides a visual representation of information or data, including key statistics, facts, and short-form text, to show the complete story of a specific topic.

Playbook tip

Provides short, contextual recommendations within Playbook chapters that, through experience and research, are proven to help complete key tasks and milestones related to specific Playbook topics. 


Provides a guided, interactive discussion about challenges and solutions, including understanding value and specific use cases. 


Provides a recommended timeline and approach that, through experience and research, has proven to effectively execute specific tasks and activities related to planning, implementing, and launching a digital workplace. 


Identifies which stage of the Digital Workplace Playbook a piece of content relates to. 


Provides a predefined outline to guide the completion of key documentation, such as campaign plans, business cases, and digital workplace plans.   


Provides detailed, educational information about industry-specific challenges and solutions, including research findings and potential outcomes. 


Provides specific instructions and template to complete a required assessment and related tasks to gather key information needed to progress through the digital transformation journey.

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