Goals & Objectives


This section of the playbook provides a quick checklist to help you define and prioritize the key goals and objectives behind your digital workplace strategy.

Planning Checklist



Stakeholder analysis

Identify goals and objectives based on your stakeholder groups (the groups that have been identified in the previous step).
  • Stakeholder / Stakeholder group
  • Impact level (influence level, interest level)
  • Level of support
  • Reasons for resistance or support
  • Action(s) to address this stakeholder group
  • Contact
  • Communication strategy
  • Involvement level (passive, active, etc.)
Ensure all the stakeholder groups are interviewed / surveyed.

Compare goals and objectives between all the groups.
  • Highlight common goals and objectives

Prioritize goals & objectives

Devise a ranking system for your goals and objectives
  • By specific criteria
  • By specific area of interest
  • By importance of stakeholder group

Obtaining buy-in

Circulate the prioritized goals and objectives list by key stakeholders (such as sponsors) and obtain buy-in.

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