Key Stakeholders

Identifying your key stakeholder groups

Identifying the key stakeholder groups within your digital workplace strategy and the role they will play is a critical component of your digital workplace plan. Each stakeholder group may have different characteristics, roles, needs and expectations. Be sure to build your strategy so that it accommodates your key stakeholder groups that exist in your organization.

Strategic Roles

Key decision-makers who will most likely be responsible for approving your digital workplace plan.
"We're in a very competitive market so we must execute our strategy flawlessly in order to achieve our strategic goals and objectives."
"Our goal is to provide to our employees easy access to mission critical corporate assets including governance and compliance materials."
"Our company is now working in a borderless marketplace. We need to have a security strategy that protects our data and IP as we support social, mobile and cloud."

Key Business Owners

Primary business owners across the company who provide support and buy-in for your digital workplace plan.
"Our technology strategy is to drive digital transformation within the organization in an efficient, effective and secure way."
"Culture is everything to us and we have business units around the world that need to be aligned."
"Surfacing information locked away in application and departmental silos is critical to our long-term success."

Champions & Advocates

Key individual groups, teams and roles who need to support your digital workplace plan from the ground level.
"Managing the tools and technologies our employees use everyday using an open yet secure framework."
"Centralizing our growing knowledge - from marketing collateral, product information to competitive battle cards to corporate assets."
"Making employees feel engaged and informed. Building employee trust in our leadership team is key to our long-term success."
"Successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closures of a corporate projects."

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