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Launching your new digital workplace should be easy. Flip on the switch, open the gates, and watch the people pour in. Right? Unfortunately, that's not exactly how it works. That's why we created LaunchPAD, a simple, yet effective program for launching successful digital workplace solutions.


Image%20-%20Project%20Plan.pngThe first step in creating a great launch strategy is a comprehensive project plan. Be sure to determine if you are doing a pilot (e.g. private), soft launch (e.g. specific group) or full blown launch before you start.

Create Your Launch Plan

To get you started, here is a summary of the major components of your digital workplace launch plan.

  • Clear goals & objectives
  • Be sure the plan is “doable”
  • Set out key milestones and deliverables
  • Assemble a project team
  • Assign responsibilities and delivery dates
  • Schedule regular meetings to keep things on track
  • Outline key success metrics based on expected outcomes
  • Set up a process for escalations
  • Create a budget
  • Get executive management approval and sign off on budget

Timelines (weeks 1 & 2)

You should have your launch plan built and approved within the first two weeks. We recommend you start your planning early in the implementation process of your JumpStart.


Image%20-%20prep.pngThe next step in your launch strategy is getting prepared for launch day. At this stage, it's all about getting your team prepared, setting up your schedule, assign roles and setting our your execution plan for launch day. 

Preparing Your Launch

During this phase, it's recommended that you launch a collection of pre-launch activities, often called "teaser" campaigns. This will drive anticipation and hype for your launch day.

  • Determine the scope of your launch
  • Build your master schedule
  • Secure your evangelists
  • Finalize program delivery dates
  • Update your executive sponsors
  • Build programs and campaigns
  • Start teaser programs
  • Set up feedback loops
  • Define measurement programs

Timelines (weeks 3 & 4)

At this stage of your launch plan you are entering week three. Over the next couple of weeks, your primary goals are to finalize your schedule, programming plan and defining the roles and responsibilities on launch day.

Finally, don't forget to start your teaser campaigns to drive up the hype before launch.


Image%20-%20launch%20day.pngThis is the final step in the launch process — coordinating and managing the actual launch day. Don’t be surprised if things feel a tad hectic on launch day. That’s normal. Take a deep breath, stick to your game plan, leverage your project team and most important… have some fun!

It's Launch Day

It's delivery time. On the day before go over your checklist and have a team meeting to go over your schedule, roles and responsibilities.

  • Review program delivery schedule
  • Double check your kick-off checklist
  • Confirm roles and responsibilities
  • Post the process for escalation management
  • Check your feedback loops
  • Launch the site (make a splash)
  • Publish regular status updates
  • Check the useage stats

Post Launch

  • Campaigns and programs that go beyond launch day
  • It's all about keeping the momentum going
  • Be sure to be gathering feedback from your employees
  • Start planning your long term engagement strategy

Timelines (weeks 5 & 6)

You in the final stage of your launch strategy. Launch day is your top priority and you should be getting ready for post launch activities over the next couple of weeks.

Launch Experts

Meet our team of experts who can assist you when launching your digital workplace solution.
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