Project Kick Off

Getting your project started

Success just doesn't happen, it's planned. The project kick-off stage is all about planning and coordination. It's your first step on the road to success. During this stage, the project manager conducts a kick-off meeting that should include the following agenda topics:

  • Approvals: strategy, plan and resources
  • Key resources: identify and secured
  • Partners: identify and secure (e.g. may include internal and/or external partners)
  • Meeting agenda: initial meeting is to align the project team (e.g. introductions, project overview, key milestones, timelines and resources)
  • Meeting schedule: a series of regular team meetings (e.g. with pre-planned agendas)
  • Project plan: project planning document including schedules and timelines (e.g. Gantt chart, tasks, timelines)


Project plan

Be sure to have a first draft of a project plan and schedule to distribute to the team a week prior to the kick off meeting. Your plan should include milestones, key deliverables and estimated timelines to serve as initial working documents for your team.

 Assembling your project team

Once you have your draft project plan, you need to secure and assemble your cross-functional project team. This usually occurs two to four weeks after strategy approval. This means identifying the key roles, responsibilities and skills in order to create a list of potential project team members. Note that some of these resources may come from outside partners such as digital agencies for design or consultants to assist with technical details, integrations and/or solution configuration.  

Here are eight key personnel resources that you may need to roll-out a successful digital workplace solution:

  1. Executive Sponsor: responsible for strategic direction & issue resolution
  2. Key Stakeholders: business owners responsible for the solution
  3. Project Manager: management of the project and responsible for delivery
  4. Digital Workplace Builder: solution implementation
  5. Digital Workplace Manager: management of the digital workplace
  6. Technical Team: authentication, security, systems, enhancements
  7. Designers/UX: overall look, feel, design and UX
  8. Communications Manager: announcement and promotion of the launch of the solution across the company

Playbook Tip

Before transitioning into the project management process, ensure that everyone on the project team is aligned to your digital workplace strategy and project plan. This includes roles, responsibilities, key deliverables and timelines.

Key Resources


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