Keep your digital workplace fresh and relevant

Your employees are now logging in, viewing content, and actively using the digital workplace. Your engagement team is monitoring and measuring employee activity and launching campaigns strategically to drive adoption. You've made some changes based on gathered feedback and data. Now that your users are engaged, it's time to plan how you will keep them engaged.

Keeping it fresh

Your approach to a digital workplace refresh should be based on feedback and data gathered from your employees and analytics. Using this valuable information, your digital workplace team can begin to create a plan to make tweaks which enhance the digital workplace experience (not overwhelming changes that will confuse your users). We recommend doing a "refresh" every three to six months.

We recommend focusing on the following elements of your digital workplace to identify opportunities for simple, yet impactful, changes that keep your digital workplace up to date, relevant, and engaging. 

  • Design: 
    • Keep it fresh
    • Make it easier to use
    • Ensure it's mobile-friendly
    • Reflect your brand 
  • Structure and layout
    • Simplify the navigation
    • Improve user flows (e.g. fewer clicks)
    • Use consistent naming conventions
    • Provide clear workflows and paths to complete tasks 
  • Key destinations
    • Simplify the layouts
    • Combine areas that work seamlessly and logically together
    • Identify new connections or use cases for these areas to widen adoption and share the benefits
  • Content and links
    • Add content based on feedback 
    • Add links to relevant content by area 
    • Include links to external content for relevant additional information  
    • Include RSS feeds 
    • Include Social feeds
    • Fix broken links 
    • Update content that is stale or no longer relevant

Keeping it relevant

Your digital workplace is constantly evolving based on the needs of your organization, teams, and employees. Keeping it relevant is extremely important to your overall success. Keep the following best practices in mind: 

  • Keep content updated: A digital workplace with stale content won't get used – it will wither and die. Whether it’s content, conversations, or recent activity, regular updates ensure everyone is engaged and in the loop.
  • Simplify interactions: Form should follow function. Organize your digital workplace in a way that’s familiar. Use simple and clear language. Make it easy to perform the most frequent and important tasks.
  • Keep it simple: Resist the urge to put more onto the homepage. Focus on providing a clear sense of direction, so you don’t confuse and overwhelm your users. Serve up the most appropriate content for any screen size, whether you’re mobile or not. Take an inventory of your assets, remove redundant and outdated information, and consolidate the rest. 
  • Publish best practices: Establish best practices and publish them for all to see. Continuously add to this collection to encourage all users to advocate for consistency.
  • Promote storytelling: Storytelling is one of the best ways to keep your users interested in the information being communicated to them. Promote storytelling across the organization – stories about successes, lessons learned, industry updates, changing trends, what's new and happening in the organization.

Video: How to refresh and drive engagement

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