Launch Day Celebration

Launch Day Celebration 

Below is the plan for Igloo's Launch Day Celebration campaign. Make it a blast! Host an executive level, focused, company-wide celebration to launch your digital workplace. Set the tone from day one—the digital workplace is mission-critical to the organization.

High Level:


Highly visible, C-Level focused event to celebrate the Launch of the new Digital Workplace which reaches every employee no matter where they are located. 


Communication, Knowledge Management, Culture.

S.M.A.R.T Goal Details:


Exciting celebration event that provides all crucial information about the new Digital Workplace.


Measure the number of log-ins on launch day and get subjective feedback by survey and poll.


Executive support is in place, Launch is linked to Annual All Hands event.


Celebrating the launch is key to the success of the new Digital Workplace.

Time Bound:

Launch day (confirm date).

Communication Plan:


Entire Company.


Various – see below.


Details regarding all events.


Share learning opportunities.

Defined Action:

Log in, participate in Launch Day activities.


Measure the number of log-ins on launch day and get subjective feedback by survey and poll.

Other Campaign Details:


Executive level, focused, company-wide celebration of Launch of the Customer’s Digital Workplace sets the tone from day one – that the Digital Workplace is mission critical to the organization and that all employees are mandated to use the site consistently. Consists of a number of inclusive, informational activities: Include hands on and virtual how-to sessions, drop ins, prizes, cake, deliver swag to office and virtual employees - link to a high-level All-Hands. Plan C-Level presentation / tour of the Digital Workplace and emphasize the value to the organization.


Photographer, Swag, Food, Drink, Shipping

Time Period:

Launch Day 

Suggested Delivery Plan for this Campaign:



Grass Roots Influence

Be visible on launch day – to act as main points of contact for employees with questions. Wear shirts with the name of the Digital Workplace and “Ask Me!” on the front.

Launch Day

Launch Week Activities

Lead by Example

Executives Lead

C-Level introduction to the organization – tour of the Digital Workplace – emphasizing why it’s important.

Launch Day – Digital Workplace Introduction presentation.

Broadcasts & Posts

Ensure Reach

Share the news during Launch day via your Digital Workplace.

Launch Day



Give prizes for the first few who log in, complete the Scavenger Hunt or Microblog Challenge, complete the first blogs etc.

Launch Day

Digital Media

Reinforce Message

Use Digital Displays throughout office locations to stream the event, and the day’s schedule.

Launch Day


Reinforce Message

Post the CEO Welcome Video to the homepage.

Launch Day

Desk Drops

Create Excitement

Themed swag, such as mugs, and postcards placed on each person’s desk, will remind everyone that today is the day.

Launch Day



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