Company Playlist

Company Playlist Campaign 

Below is the plan for Igloo's Company Playlist campaign. This is an ideal campaign for organizations focused on driving employee engagement through a strong company culture. Review the Content and revise as needed to suit your own organization.

High Level:

Need:Increase employee social engagement and collaboration to build a positive culture. 
Pillar:Collaboration, Culture

S.M.A.R.T Goal Details:

SpecificBuild an employee build playlist of their favorite songs.
MeasurableReport on the number of songs added, comments, likes, ratings to measure engagement in this campaign.
AchievableYes, if the original post is done at a time when most employees are going to see it and have time to participate.
RelevantBuilding a branded company playlist increases engagement.
TimeboundThe initial playlist can be built within a few days of the original post, then new hires can songs as part of their onboarding experience. 

Communication Plan:

AudienceEntire organization.
MediumPost in the Digital Workplace, and build the activity into onboarding.
InformationShare information about the playlist in the Social Zone, or add a CTA to the homepage.
EducationIn the post, include information about the chosen playlist tool – how to add songs etc.
Defined ActionSuggest a song – themed by time of year, for example, by replying to the post.
MeasuresReport on the number of songs on the playlist, and participation in the activity by employees.

Other Campaign Details:

Overview:Everyone likes music. Most have a favorite song to contribute to the playlist. This is a fun way to build your company’s culture.
Budget:No funding necessary.
Time Period:Ongoing

Suggested Delivery Plan for this Campaign:



Grass Roots Influence

Champions can set the example by posting songs.


Lead by Example

Executives Lead

Executives can respond first by suggesting a song.


Broadcasts & Posts

Ensure Reach

Announce when the playlist is live and post a link in your digital workplace. Culture
Digital MediaReinforce MessageAnnounce the winner.Culture
VideosReinforce MessageVideotape the award ceremony with an actual trophy.


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