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When deciding which campaigns will drive engagement within your organization, start with identifying your target audience groups, goals and objectives, business needs, and what success looks like for you. Based on years of experience implementing thousands of digital workplaces, the Igloo Customer Success team has gathered a collection of our favorite engagement campaigns.

Invite end-users to share their ideas for naming the new digital workplace to build excitement.
Host a highly-visible, C-Level focused event to celebrate the launch of the new digital workplace.
Plan a series of launch activities to increase excitement about the digital workplace launch.
Leverage the organization’s social leaders as early adopters and advocates of the digital workplace.
Recruit each influential Champion to lead and promote their own series of engagement initiatives.
Encourage profile completion and make it easy to find employees with specific skill sets and expertise.
Encourage users to visit many areas of the site through gamification and active learning.
Ensure users visit the majority of the new digital workplace and therefore is given a tour in the process.  
Use gamification to encourage activity, such as creating different status levels for users to earn. 
Increase blogging engagement in all areas of the digital workplace by creating a competition.
Educate the organization about what makes content engaging to maximize viewership.
Encourage creation of user-generated content to increase relevance and engagement.
Build culture by collaborating to create your own company's musical playlist.

Create targeted campaigns to engage inactive users by addressing their specific communication and engagement needs.
Gather feedback from your employees regarding current state and what they need from your digital workplace.
Use short videos to communicate key messaging for easy consumption and higher engagement levels.

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