Stage 6: Evolve

It's time to engage, adopt, and evolve

The sixth stage of your digital transformation journey focuses on evolving your workplace to keep pace with your organization's needs, priorities, and business challenges. The Evolve Stage is truly ongoing. As you add the relevant solutions and integrations to overcome your most pressing business issues, and continue to update the design, you will build engagement, which can be enhanced by focused campaigns.

Going to the next level

 Your site is launched
 Employees are engaged
✔  You're getting great feedback
 Stakeholders are enthusiastic

Employee engagement doesn't happen organically, at least not in the beginning. You need a strong engagement plan to drive employee adoption—both in the short and long-term. Make sure your plan aligns with the desired outcomes summarized in your digital workplace strategy. You should also outline how you'll engage with your key stakeholders at the appropriate level, in appropriate ways, and at appropriate times.

The tactics and campaigns you use to drive engagement will depend on what you're trying to achieve, both for your organization and the stakeholders concerned. Monitor and review your plan on a regular basis (weekly if possible). We strongly recommended that you engage your marketing team as key stakeholders, as they're the experts in planning and executing engagement activities. 

We also recommend creating an engagement calendar to keep activities organized and on a regular cadence. This can be very helpful for your key stakeholders as a reminder to post content and updates that will increase visibility across the organization.


Note: This diagram represents a common project workflow and is provided solely as an example. Your project’s workflow may differ depending on services purchased.

Engagement to feed evolution 

Engagement feeds the evolution of your digital workplace so it's important to invest the proper time and skills to get it right. Through engagement, you'll learn more and more about the needs of your users, the challenges they face, and how they can use the digital workplace to solve those challenges. Ultimately, you want your digital workplace to be a destination which mirrors the needs and goals of your organization in a relevant way. Before you can reach a point where growth, expansion, and evolution can happen, you must first master the art of engagement to: 

  • Draw users in 
  • Ensure adoption 
  • Gather valuable feedback 
  • Identify and solve challenges 
  • Serve user needs 
  • Gauge success
  • Drive innovation 

Without engagement, you won't be able to identify opportunities to improve your digital workplace because you won't be able to identify the key challenges you need to solve for your employees and provide the tools they need to be successful in their various roles.

Playbook Tip: Don't go at it alone

The key to sustained engagement is ensuring you’re not the only one leading it. By empowering your members, you can build a culture of engagement and scale it without burning yourself out. 

  • Empower members through training and recruit social leaders to help drive engagement. 
  • Include support structures, such as a Help Desk or Training Center, to provide members with multiple opportunities to expand their digital workplace knowledge and improve their skills. 
  • Reward members who show leadership when it comes to driving engagement. 

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