ICE '18 Award Winners

Igloo Software, the leading provider of digital workplace solutions, closes out its annual digital workplace conference, ICE ’18 by announcing the winners of its Digital Transformation Awards. With more than 70 nominations for 8 categories, Igloo’s digital transformation awards acknowledged Igloo customers for their accomplishments in providing their organizations with a more connected and integrated workplace. Click through to see the winners of each of these categories:

Best Overall Digital Workplace

The winner of Best Digital Workplace – Overall has worked tirelessly to build a digital workplace that embodies all four of Igloo’s core pillars: Communication, Collaboration, Knowledge Management, and Culture. 

Winners: HIROC, Hulu, Partners HealthCare

Best DwP: Collaboration 

The winner of Best Digital Workplace – Collaboration is focused on bringing subsidiaries, departments, teams, and individuals together to improve the way that work gets done, maintaining a competitive edge. They use their digital workplace effectively to promote open access and limit silos. 

Winners: Shorelight Education, Collins Barrow National Cooperative

Best DwP: Communication

The winner of Best Digital Workplace – Communication uses their Digital workplace as an open, multi-way communication vehicle. Whether it be top-down, bottom-up, or peer-to-peer communication, their Digital Workplace offers a variety of channels to inform, educate, and provide feedback across all levels of the organization. 

Winners: Academic Travel Abroad, Home Instead Senior Care

BEST DwP: Knowledge Management 

The winner of Best Digital Workplace – Knowledge Management is passionate about making their digital workplace a place to share and make knowledge work. Their Digital Workplace is a gateway to business information and knowledge. It identifies the knowledge users need, the people who have it, and where to get it. 

Winners: Lenox Advisors, Canfor Corporation

BEST DwP: Culture 

The winner of Best Digital Workplace – Culture's Digital Workplace is a reflection of their company’s mission, vision and values. It builds a strong employee community by driving engagement and social connection, including active leadership participation. 

Winner: Caesars Entertainment

Best Igloo Champion 

The winner of Best Digital Workplace – Champion is a true digital workplace visionary who has continuously demonstrated an above-and-beyond commitment to digital workplace transformation and excellence.

Winner: Matthew Radford, Ontario Medical Association

Best Igloo Launch

The winner of Best Digital Workplace Launch celebrates the organization that executes a launch plan that is both informative and engaging, recognizing the importance this milestone will play in the successful adoption of their digital workplace.

Winner: Quicken Loans

Digital Workplace Trailblazer

This award was given to an organization that demonstrates a clear understanding, and commitment to true digital transformation. They have a clear path in place to roadmap and implement their own transformation and executive leadership encourages transformation from the top-down.

Winner: Cigna

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