Digital Transformation Awards

Each year, we recognize our customers and their dedicated efforts to create a more connected, productive, and engaged workplace — leveraging Igloo Software to make it all happen. Acknowledge your achievements by applying for a Digital Transformation Award today.

Nominations for the 2022 Digital Transformation Awards are not currently open. Follow the Product News blog to keep an eye out for an announcement about submissions opening.

Key dates

October 4th

Open for

November 2nd


November 2nd to 11th


November 17th


November 18th


Evolve Project

Celebrating the outstanding execution of a project that solves a key business challenge by optimizing, improving, or expanding utilization of the digital workplace.

Digital Workplace Launch

Celebrating the outstanding efforts of a new Igloo customer to plan and execute a wildly successful launch of their digital workplace.


Celebrating the outstanding efforts of an Igloo customer to plan and execute a successful engagement campaign that inspires greater adoption of the digital workplace.

Best Digital Workplace

Recognizing a customer and their achievements in leveraging the Igloo digital workplace platform to create a more connected, integrated, and engaged workplace.


Celebrating the outstanding efforts of an Igloo customer to innovate and extend the platform's functionality to solve new business challenges and take their Igloo where no Igloo has gone before.

Other awards

*No submission is required to be considered. We review all Igloo Software customers.

Digital Workplace Manager of the Year

Igloo Champion Award

4 Reasons to apply for a digital transformation award

  1. Elevate your brand and promote your company as a destination employer to attract top talent.
  2. Get your leaders' attention to validate and encourage further investment in your digital workplace.
  3. Create awareness across the organization, opening doors to collaborate with other teams and further optimize your site.
  4. Build your career by highlighting your achievements on your CV, LinkedIn profile, or during your annual performance review.

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