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Photo of Jamie DufekOffline

Hi All, I'm Jamie Dufek, from TIGER 21. We are new to the Igloo world and in the months leading up to launch. Excited to be able to connect with you all and hoping to learn a lot from this community!

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Diana May:Replied 4 days ago
Photo of Diana MayOffline
Diana May:Replied 4 days ago
Photo of Tammy TriplettOffline

Hello Everyone!  I am Tammy Triplett, Digital Workplace Manager for Prism, the Leidos internal digital workplace.  We started our first collaborative intranet on Jive in 2011.  We migrated to Igloo in June 2018.  I have been our community manager form the beginning.  We have 34K users across the globe.  I am still on my ICE high!  It was fantastic! 

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Diana May:Replied 10 days ago
Photo of Teri WayneOffline

Good morning!  Teri Wayne, Digital Workplace Manager of our not yet launched Hub and Spoke ecosystem here at Legg Mason.  I am an Igloo newbie though a collaborative intranet veteran   (like Steelcase and Leidos)so excited to see how to take advantage of Igloo.  I had the best time and learned so much at ICE!  You'll probably be hearing from Carola Castillo‍, Melissa Delaney‍, Saikat Dasgupta‍  and ryan pritchard‍ -- all core members of our team bringing LM Connect to life!

Photo of Scott JordanOffline

Hello Iglooites,

Scott Jordan here, Technical Account Manager on the West side of the 2nd floor.  I joined the crew in May of this year and am tasked with supporting our Platinum customers with all aspects of their Digital workplace from a technical perspective.  We strive not to work inside a bubble which means we are very keen on collaborating with all teams across the organization.  Our goal is to ensure the overall success of our customer's workplace implementation day in and day out.  

Feel free to swing by and discuss anything Igloo related and beyond.


Photo of Ryan StevensOffline

Hi folks, 

I'm Ryan Stevens - Manager of Technical Account Management,  and I've been at Igloo since October of 2017.  A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a dedicated resource that acts as an extension of your team to evaluate your technical needs, develop your technical strategy, share best practices, and ensure the success of your digital workplace.

 Please reach out if you’d like to chat.

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I don't have a question, but I do want to give kudos to my coach and the team behind our digital workplace's evolution! 

We are so grateful to Andrea Gumz-Dietrich‍ and Nicole Dreher‍ for refreshing The Corral to align with our recent re-branding efforts. All the touches, big and small, have made our site feel like home.


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