Developer Questions CareArchiving and Unarchiving via the API<div><p>Hello,</p><p>We have a customer that needs us to programatically do the following:</p> <ol> <li>Pull a ForumTopic via the REST API </li> <li>Determine if the ForumTopic is archived</li> <li>Add a new reply to the ForumTopic - this apparently unarchives the ForumTopic automatically if it was previously archived</li> <li>Re-archive the ForumTopic if it was previously archived</li> </ol> <p>Based on…</p></div>Chris WilkinsonFri, 06 Aug 2021 13:40:16 -0400 Variables accessible by Javascript<div><p>For working just with a webform and trying to get some info from the user to me wasn't very intuitive and working with the platform wasn't intuitive but it is workable once you know how things are done.  Now a requirement for this form is that I can't use an iframe, and needs to be native to igloo, but I can send the info to the form if I kick the…</p></div>Trevor TyeThu, 29 Jul 2021 10:35:01 -0400 w/ API<div><p>Hello, Experts,</p><p>I am having issues authenticating with the API. Here is my source code:</p> <pre>import requestsurl = <code>"{{appId}}&amp;appPass={{appPass}}&amp;apiversion={{apiVersion}}&amp;username={{userEmail}}&amp;password={{userPassword}}&amp;community={{workplaceURL}}"</code>payload={}headers = {…</pre></div>Isaiah MelendezThu, 15 Jul 2021 17:05:17 -0400 Article View - how to change centre to Portrait Page<div><p>I have a Wiki Article where I am using the viewer to view the article.</p><p>In the code view I have the following;</p><p><img src="/.api2/binaries/zecjMcxcNm/thumbnails/noname_1616562502276?height=99&amp;width=635" style="width: 633px; height: 98.8245px;" class="fr-fic fr-dib fr-fil" alt="noname_1616562502276" data-key="zecjMcxcNm" data-contentlength="12872" data-contenttype="image/png" data-binarylocation="/.api2/binaries/zecjMcxcNm/download/noname_1616562502276" data-thumbnaillocation="/.api2/binaries/zecjMcxcNm/thumbnails/noname_1616562502276" data-name="noname_1616562502276" data-isprofilephoto="false" data-ig-embed-key="zecjMcxcNm"><br></p><p>The problem is that the article is made up of 5 portrait pages then a final page which is landscape.</p><p>By default the viewer shows this document on the first page but with the scroll bar positioned based on the center of the landscape page. Is…</p></div>Louise BurkeWed, 24 Mar 2021 01:30:08 -0400 of a Python library for Igloo APIs<div><p>Okay, so I only spent a little bit of time on this, but I made a python library to access Igloo APIs. <em>(licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0)</em></p><p>You can find it here: <a href=""></a></p><p>So far it can:</p> <ul> <li>Create a session</li> <li>Get information about the community your session is connected to</li> </ul> <p>Okay, so it's SUPER early days and it…</p></div>Benjamin KahnTue, 09 Feb 2021 13:25:31 -0500 Calls - Get objects<div><p><span>Hello all,</span><br><span>Could you please assist on how we can get all objects of a community using API Calls? Which is the root entity ? What does it mean when none of the API Calls returns data for a specific Community?</span><br><span>Thank you in advance</span></p></div>Tasos TaskarisFri, 22 Jan 2021 05:33:45 -0500"Photos in Folder" Slideshow<div><p>Hi!</p><p>I am wondering if it's possible to have subfolders in the Photos in Folder widget and still be able to have a slideshow. I've attached a screenshot of our current folder "situation." We have one overarching folder "QCup Photo Entries" with subfolders for each team to submit a photo for points. We want to display these photos as a slideshow on…</p></div>Laurisa TitterudMon, 18 Jan 2021 10:15:56 -0500 Calls - Search and User Group Members<div><p>Hello everyone! I have some questions while I m trying to make some API Calls in Igloo! Can anyone help me withthe following:</p> <ul> <li> How can I use search content (<span>.api/api.svc/search/content</span> ). Can I see an example somewhere on how I can define the call with all those types of parameters?</li> <li>I tried to make a call on <span>.api/api.svc/usergroups/members/view</span>…</li></ul></div>Tasos TaskarisThu, 14 Jan 2021 03:38:42 -0500 Font Awesome in IGLOO<div><p>Is it possible to use Font Awesome icons using the html widget? When I enter the code and save the html widget, the code is removed and nothing appears. </p></div>Jonathan GottliebMon, 23 Nov 2020 09:50:10 -0500 required information to files and Assets<div><p>I would like to make mandatory certain information about files and assets (photographs)  We want to create nomenclature but i cant see a way to add it when you add new files.</p></div>Lee CapitanoMon, 16 Nov 2020 10:33:18 -0500