Driving Engagement: Tactics and Campaigns

Driving Engagement: Tactics & Campaigns

Course Description: 

The Driving Engagement: Tactics & Campaigns course provides customers with the benefits and drivers of digital workplace engagement as well as our top tactics and campaigns to continue to drive engagement with their digital workplace. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the benefits of driving digital workplace engagement 
  • Describe the drivers behind building engagement
  • Describe the differences between tactics and campaigns
  • Outline the top tactics and campaigns for driving ongoing engagement and adoption

Targeted Audience: Customers - Digital Workplace Managers, Launch Managers, Space Administrators, Project Managers 

Duration: 60 minutes


Prior to taking this course we recommend:

  1. Digital Transformation Bootcamp
  2. Webinar: Planning your Digital Workplace Launch

Next Steps 

After completing this course, we recommend: 

  1. Digital Workplace Governance
  2. Digital Workplace Evolution
Course SummarySKUCost

This course introduces users to the top tactics and campaigns that can be implemented to increase engagement during every stage of your transformation journey.

$100 per seat*

*Cost listed is a-la-carte price. All Igloo support packages include a certain number of annually renewing webinar training session entitlements which can be redeemed for this course.

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