Driving Engagement: Tactics and Campaigns

Driving Engagement: Tactics & Campaigns

Course Description: 

The Driving Engagement: Tactics & Campaigns course provides customers with our top tactics and campaigns to continue to drive engagement with their digital workplace. 

Driving Engagement: Tactics & Campaigns

Webinar Description: 

In this webinar, we'll present Igloo's top tactics and campaigns to drive ongoing adoption and engagement with their digital workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the differences between tactics and campaigns
  • Describe the drivers behind building engagement
  • Outline the top tactics and campaigns for driving ongoing engagement and adoption

Course Agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. Building Engagement
  3. Tactics vs Campaigns
  4. Top 4 Tactics to Drive Engagement
  5. Top 5 Campaigns for Engagement
  6. Questions

Targeted Audience: Customers - Digital Workplace Managers, Launch Managers, Space Administrators, Project Managers 

Duration: 30 minutes


Prior to taking this course we recommend attending the following:

  1. Webinar: Digital Transformation Bootcamp
  2. Webinar: Planning your Digital Workplace Launch
  3. Webinar: Planning your Digital Workplace Launch

Recommended Next Steps 

After completing this course, we recommend the following training opportunities: 

  1. Webinar: Digital Workplace Governance
  2. Webinar: Digital Workplace Evolution
Course SummarySKUCost

This course introduces users to the top 5 tactics and top 5 campaigns that can be implemented to take proactive steps towards increasing engagement during every stage of your transformation journey after launch.

Price is per seat per course.*

$100 per seat per course*

*Cost listed is a-la-carte price. All Igloo support packages include a certain number of annually renewing webinar training session entitlements which can be redeemed for this course.

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