Digital Transformation Bootcamp

Digital Transformation Bootcamp: Exploring the Playbook

Course Description: 

The Digital Transformation Bootcamp course is a guided tour of the Igloo Playbook that will cover digital workplace concepts and the Igloo services that enable organizations to move beyond a traditional intranet to a digital workplace. Focusing on theory and strategy, in this bootcamp-style webinar.

Learning Objectives

  • Speak to the business drivers for a Digital Workplace
  • Identify your organization’s current digital maturity scale position
  • Recognize the value of the Igloo Digital Workplace in solving business challenges
  • Identify the 4 key pillars of Communication, Collaboration, Knowledge Management and Culture and Engagement
  • Categorize business challenges by pillar
  • Recall the personas of The Me, The We, The Us
  • Describe the Igloo Implementation framework
  • Describe the training program offerings available to you
  • Identify the next steps in your Digital Transformation journey

Duration: 60 minutes

Course SummarySKUSession Cost

This course will introduce users to the concepts and business drivers of a Digital Workplace, key attributes of a successful digital workplace, and the Igloo customer journey. 


*All customers and their employees have access to these sessions, which are included at no additional cost, as part of Igloo University. By attending this training event, you agree to abide by the policies that govern the Igloo University program.

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