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May Grab Bag: Meghan Trainor Edition

By Jim Tigwell

Quick answers to some of the questions we've received in Support this month.

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Working With Widgets: Call to Action

By Jim Tigwell

A quick guide to the new Call to Action widget.

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Analytics: Dead Zones

By Jim Tigwell – 1 Comment

Some tips on filtering Google Analytics to find dead zones in your digital workplace

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CSS Success: Substantial Changes

By Jim Tigwell – 4 Comments

A guide to making large scale appearance changes to your digital workplace.

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A quick guide to using Google Forms in your digital workplace

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  • Time Out: Login Sess…
    Scott Chandlee says:
    Hi Jim Tigwell, Do session timeouts still work the same in the latest release? We are setup for SAML authentication and are trying to understand how timeouts are supposed to work. Our timeout values on the IDP do not seem to expire. IDP timeouts are set for 2 hours, however, the session does not log out until the Igloo session timeout expires.
    2 weeks ago
  • Exceptional Embeddab…
    Jesse Langstaff says:
    Hi Andrew Jayne, I checked LinkedIn's documentation and it appears that Company Profile and Member Profile are no longer supported via plugins. Current plugins can be found here.
    5 weeks ago
  • Exceptional Embeddab…
    Andrew Jayne says:
    Looks cool - but when I click on any of the plugin links, I get an error message from LinkedIn:

    Something went wrong. We can't seem to find that page.

    Please click the LinkedIn logo to go back and try again.

    Any ideas?
    5 weeks ago

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