My Spaces Widget

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My Spaces Widget

What is it?

The My Spaces widget displays a list of the Spaces you are a member of. See the Spaces article for more information on how Spaces work in a digital workplace.

The My Spaces widget on a page.

Use Cases

Personalize your homepage

You can add the My Spaces widget to a homepage to personalize the experience for members. If your workplace has both work and social spaces, this helps members see the spaces they are members of and navigate to them quickly.

Cleaning up navigation

You may have dozens of spaces in your workplace that members have access to. Including all of them in your navigation can be messy and make it difficult to find the spaces that are important.

A My Spaces widget can help people find the spaces that they are explicitly members of and provides the opportunity to hide the spaces from navigation without people losing the ability to find the places they need to go.

Personal dashboard

Using the My Spaces widget within a personal Dashboard will personalize your workplace experience and make it easier to find the parts of your workplace that are important to you.

Features and functionality

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The options tab.

Title - Give your widget a name here.

Description - Create a brief description of the widget.

Number of results - This option allows you to choose the maximum number of spaces to be displayed.


The Layout tab.

Truncate title at - This option allows you to set a character limit for space names that are displayed in the widget.

Truncate description at - This option allows you to set a character limit for the space descriptions being displayed in the widget.

Show description - This option lets you toggle whether space descriptions will be visible in the widget.

Appearance - The appearance of the widget, including a CSS class, can be configured here. More information on widget appearance, see the Widgets article.

How to deploy a My Spaces widget

Refer to the Widgets article. article for instructions on how to add the widget to a page.

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