Create Space Groups

Creating new space groups using the Space Administration Panel

Workplace Administrators and Space Administrators can create new Space Groups using the Space Administration Panel of a Space. Space groups should be used to organize users within a Space based on how you would like them to experience the space. This experience can be tailored for each group by applying different Roles, Access Rules, Subscriptions to them.  

How to create new space groups using the Space Administration Panel

  1. While in a Space, Click the administration button (space_admin_buttonpng) to open the Administration Panel. 
  2. Select Manage Members from under the Membership section of the Administration Panel to navigate to the management page.
  3. Click the "+ <new group>" button to begin creating the group. This button will be located below the group list.
  4. In the group creation window, enter a name for the group.
  5. Click "Create" to add this group to the space.

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