What is it?

The Messages icon in your userbar shows the number of unread messages you have, and provides a quick view into your most recently received messages.

Features and functionality

There are a number of different features and functions that appear in the messages area of your digital workplace.

The Messages icon shows the number of unread messages.

The messages icon on the userbar showing a count of unread messages.

The Messages area on your userbar shows up to eight of your most recent messages.

Dropdown showing the most recent messages.

You can compose new messages directly from the Messages area on your userbar by selecting, + New Message.

Select View all Messages (at the bottom of the roll-out menu) to access the expended messages area. You can also access this area from the drop-down menu found on your userbar under your name.

The messages page.

How to create a new message

Step 1: Open the Message center

Click on the Messages quicklink.

The messages icon on the userbar.

Step 2: Select New Message

Click on the New Message icon.

The new message button.

Once you select the New Message icon, a dialogue box will open.

The message creation interface.

Step 4: Add recipients

Type names of recipients in the To field. The system will provide autocomplete suggestions based on first name, last name, and email address of members of your workplace.

The To field.

Step 5: Add a subject

Include a subject line. This will appear as the subject of the email, and in the recipient’s message center.

The subject field.

Step 6: Compose a message

Write your message in the text field provided. Messages are plain text only.

The messages field.

Step 7: Send your message

Select, Send Message.

The send message button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some of my messages say “Broadcast” before them?

Broadcasts are a kind of message that is sent out to groups of recipients and also appears in your message center.

I only see a few of my messages. How do I see the rest of them?

There is a link beneath the list of your eight most recent messages to View all Messages. This will bring you to your message center which has more tools and options, and shows all your messages.

The number shows I have unread messages, how do I find them?

Click on the Messages icon, then View all Messages. That will bring you to your message center. There, all your unread messages will appear in a different shade and be indicated with a blue dot to their left.

Can I include pictures in my messages?

Messages are plain text only.

What is it?

The Messages area in your userbar contains all of the personal, direct messages that are sent to you or by you in your digital workplace. It also contains any Broadcasts that are sent to you.

Features and functionality

There are a number of additional features and functions found in the Messages feature, including:

  • The ability to select:
    • All
    • None
    • Read
    • Unread
  • The ability to Mark as Read/Unread
  • The ability to Delete
  • The ability to perform all of the above actions in bulk by using the Select options
  • The ability to compose a new message using the Compose New Message button in the upper right-hand corner

How to send a new message

Step 1: Compose a new message

Click on the New Message button to the upper-right of your list of messages.

The new message button.

Step 2: Choose recipients

Start typing the name of the recipients. The system will search by first name, last name, or email. You can individually include as many members of the workplace as you like.

The To field of a message.

Step 3: Fill out fields

Include a subject and a message.

The subject and message sections of a message.

Step 4: Send the message

Click Send Message.

The send message button.

How to mark a message as read or unread

When viewing your list of messages, click the small dot button to the far left of any message. It should change from blue to gray, or back. Blue indicates Unread, gray indicates Read. Alternately, you can select multiple messages using the checkboxes and then click the Mark as Unread or Mark as Read button.

A message in the messages feed.

When viewing an individual message, there is a Mark as Unread button at the top.

The Mark as Unread button.

How to delete a message

When viewing your list of messages, you can click on the checkbox to the left of any message to select it. Once selected, click on the Delete button to remove them.

Note: Messages cannot be recovered once they have been deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop receiving email versions of my messages in Igloo?

There is a link at the bottom of the Messages page that allows you to Disable Notification. This will prevent emails from being sent when you receive an Igloo notification, however, they will still appear in your messages area.

Why don’t my subscriptions show up in my messages?

Following or Subscribing to something in an digital workplace always generates an email which does not appear in the Messages section. It is a separate feature of Igloo.

What is the megaphone icon beside some of my messages?

The megaphone icon indicates that the message originated from a Broadcast.

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