Dashboards provide users with their own custom view of the digital workplace. While administrators can curate content on a central Personal Dashboard, users can also create their own Personal Dashboards to function and display content as they desire. A Dashboard uses Widgets to surface desired content in one central location.

Enabling Dashboards

Workplace and Enterprise administrators can enable Personal Dashboards in a workplace.

The administrator controlled Personal Dashboard

The administrator controlled Dashboard is visible to every user in a digital workplace. Administrators can configure this Dashboard with Widgets to provide a curated feed of digital workplace information for all users. It can also be used as a location to provide static information, such as instructions for setting up user controlled Dashboards, without needing to add to the rest of the workplace's site structure.

User controlled Personal Dashboards

User controlled Dashboards are unique to each user in a digital workplace. Users can create multiple Personal Dashboards, and curate their own custom view of the digital workplace using Widgets. 

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