In the Interacting with Content section, you'll learn about the various ways you can interact with the content that resides in your Igloo digital workplace. 

You'll use these core Igloo features and functionality to add comments, mention other users, like, rate and follow content as well as indicate you have read and understood certain pieces of digital workplace content.



Take part in conversations by adding your voice with a comment. You can post comments and reply to existing comment threads on any channel content type that has commenting enabled, and that you have access to. Using the comment WYSIWYG editor, you can format your comment and enhance it by adding images, videos, or gifs. While you can also add an attachment to your comment, we recommend that you upload the file to a Folder Channel first and then include a link to it in your comment. After posting your comment, it will appear in the comment section immediately if comment moderation is not enabled. 

Actions and workflows

Common actions and workflows include:

In addition to the above, you can also:

  • Translate comments: Found to the right of a comment, click Translate to show the comment in your preferred language.
  • Aggregate comments: Use the Recent Comments Widget to aggregate comments from multiple channels into a single feed.

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